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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Adding style files to LaTeX

Lest I forget how to do this once more, I'm going to jot it down here for eternity:

If you want to use a non-standard style file for LaTeX, you have to first put it in the LaTeX tree and then compile it so that it is recognized.

So, first I downloaded the style files from here.

Next, I unzipped them to my desktop. There were three files:


These were then copied (as root) to the directory


The folder "ieeetran" was created to avoid confusion.

Finally, I had to run the "mktexlsr" command so that these new files were "compiled" and read as part of the path. This was done as:

[zubin@localhost ieeetran]$ sudo mktexlsr

Friday, November 04, 2005

Console based MSN client

Earlier today I stumbled across a client for MSN Messenger that runs in a terminal! It's called tmsnc.

The RPM had some dependencies that I could not solve so I decided to compile from source. Apart from a few minor issues, it looks great! There are some screenshots available here.

You might wonder why you need a text based MSN client; well, one can never have too many tools :)